Luxury Bath Design: Matte Black Finishing Touches for Plumbing Accessories

In a world of carefully and uniquely designed bathroom spaces, Mountain Plumbing delivers all the finishing touches to plumbing accessories. Whether specifying matte black, golds and bronzes, Mountain Plumbing helps make your design, finished.

Some say that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. Bathroom fixtures, accessories, and decor can either make or break a homeowner’s overall feeling of relaxation and calmness every time they enter. To achieve a luxurious, spa-like experience at home, Mountain Plumbing focuses on the details, specifically plumbing accessories including lavatory drains, supply kits, shower drains, rainheads, and much more. It is Mountain’s ability to compliment the overall style, design and decorative finishes of the bathroom space that has made them the trusted leader for decorative plumbing accessories.

Mountain Plumbing’s Luxury Bath Collection has been created to put the finishing touch on your design project. Mountain Plumbing has gathered our designer bathroom plumbing products into this collection to help you complete this final step. Instead of leaving the selection of these parts and components to the plumbing contractor, choose from multiple high-end designs and an array of finishes to match every fixture in the room.

Homeowners expect luxury when designing their new bathroom space, where attention to detail is paramount. Every aspect of their experience will be important and you want to make sure to exceed each expectation when helping with product selection. With this in mind, please look at how this collection of plumbing accessories from Mountain Plumbing can be used to give style to the more often overlooked areas of the bathroom.

Plumbing Accessories In Bathroom Spaces

Matte Black Finishing Touches


Create a Matte Black shower experience with Mountain Plumbing Shower Heads, Arms, Rails, Hand Showers, and Accessories.


Complete your room’s pedestal or console with matching Matte Black supply kits to create a unified visual experience in the bathroom.


Match Matte Black fixtures with Mountain Plumbing Shower Drains to complete your design.


Enhance experiences with Matte Black details in unexpected places to take the bathroom to new heights in luxury.

Mountain Plumbing takes pride in our attention to detail and providing bathroom plumbing accessories with the same high-end design as the bath faucet, vanity, shower, tub, or toilet to complete the space.

Please click below to download the Luxury Bath Collection Brochure that includes a variety of designer bathroom plumbing products to help complete the details of your bathroom space design: