Have a Freestanding Tub WITHOUT an Overflow? Use the Tub Docking Station for Easy Installation!

Utilize the Tub Docking Station Innovation on All Types of Freestanding Tubs

Mountain Plumbing Products has developed the Tub Docking Station as the ultimate solution to quickly and easily install freestanding bathtubs, and it can now be used on all tubs that come WITHOUT an overflow. Customers have the option to purchase our “Trim Kit Without Overflow” (BDWOF-DSNSTRIM) that includes an EZ-Click™ tub drain with no overflow.

As more manufacturers create bathtubs that do not include a built-in overflow, we want to ensure our customers have this specific option for the drain component of our product. The Tub Docking Station solves common issues that are associated with the installation process and makes life easier for the plumber, homeowner, and showroom…no matter the type of freestanding tub being used.

Concerns Over the Weight of the Tub…Not With the Tub Docking Station

Freestanding bathtubs without an overflow can be made from many different materials such as: stone, concrete, cast iron, copper, porcelain, and composite materials. And what do all of these materials have in common…they make the tub HEAVY! Now imagine having this burdensome bathtub that needs to be installed into a smaller bathroom. The risk of damage increases and more labor will be required to do the actual lifting and lowering of the tub. All of this will take more time and cost more money. Now you can address all of these concerns by using the Tub Docking Station specifically for freestanding tubs without an overflow.

No Tilting the Tub On Its Side

The old way of doing things requires you to tilt the big, heavy, expensive tub on its side to install the brass tailpiece. With the Tub Docking Station, there is no tilting of the tub on its side since it remains upright the entire time because of how the brass tailpiece is attached.

Don’t Have to Lift the Heavy Tub

If weight is such a concern, visualize how many workers will be required to perform the lifting of the entire tub and then precisely dropping it into place. The Tub Docking Station allows you to simply slide the tub into the proper place over the drain without the additional lifting.

Reduce the Risk of Damage to the Tub

Depending on the material the tub is made from, there may be a higher possibility of scratching or chipping. If you are not using the Tub Docking Station, you will be required to move the tub multiple times during the installation process thus increasing the risk of damage.

Alleviate Concerns of Small Space Installation

Picture a scenario where the tub is going into a small space, surrounded by close walls on both sides. How are you going to get enough workers around the tub to do the precise lifting and lowering of something so heavy? With the Tub Docking Station, just slide the tub into place.

Installing a freestanding tub the traditional way isn’t super complicated, but it is cumbersome and a lot can go wrong.

Please download our “Freestanding Tub Installation Comparison” sheet to learn more about the differences when using the Tub Docking Station from Mountain Plumbing Products!

The Tub Docking Station is a product that is a natural fit to be placed on orders, with no questions asked, as it is imperative for freestanding tub installation.

The Tub Docking Station provides an opportunity to “complete the sale” by helping to ensure your customer is completely satisfied with their freestanding bathtub purchase. When using this product, the plumber will experience an easier installation process with less of a risk of damaging the new tub. Bathroom renovations can be stressful, but our hope is that with this innovative solution at least the bathtub going into place won’t be.

In Stock and Ready to Ship for All Freestanding Tub Installations!

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