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Finishes Guide

Mountain Plumbing Products provides a variety of exquisite finishes. There is something to match with every application and every type of look you might want. Our wide selection of beautiful and durable finishes utilizes standard industry processes such as: electroplating, powder coating, and PVD (physical vapor deposition). A reasonable degree of color/finish variation can be expected during production line application. There are both metal and plastic finishes available depending on what you choose.

PVD = Physical Vapor Deposition

With PVD coatings you get a highly durable, long lasting, and scratch-resistant piece. Mountain Plumbing offers the following PVD Finishes for our products:

  • Standard: PVDBRN | PVDPN
  • Group 2: BN | FG | GM | GPB | PVD | PVDBB | PVDORB | SG

Decorative Metal Finishes – Standard

BRN / Brushed Nickel

BRS / Brushed Stainless Steel

CHBRZ / Champagne Bronze

CPB / Polished Chrome

MB / Matte Black

ORB / Oil Rubbed Bronze

PN / Polished Nickel

PS / Polished Stainless Steel

PVDBRN / PVD Brushed Nickel

PVDPN / PVD Polished Nickel

SS / Stainless Steel

ULB / Unlacquered Brass

VB / Venetian Bronze

Decorative Metal Finishes – Group 1

AB / Antique Brass

ACP / Antique Copper

PCP / Polished Copper

PEW / Pewter

SB / Satin Brass

SC / Satin Chrome

WCP / Weathered Copper

Decorative Metal Finishes – Group 2

BN / PVD Black Nickel

EB / English Bronze

FG / PVD French Gold

GM / PVD Gunmetal

GPB / PVD Polished Gold

PVD / PVD Polished Brass

PVDBB / PVD Brushed Bronze

PVDORB / PVD Oil Rubbed Bronze

SG / PVD Satin Gold

TB / Tuscan Brass

Decorative Metal Finishes (Group 1 – Colors)

BL / Black

BNE / Bone

BT / Biscuit

IW / Ice White

PW / Polar White

WH / White

Molded Plastic Finishes

DG / Dark Grey

IW / Ice White

LG / Light Grey

MB / Matte Black

MLB / Matte Lava Black

MW / Matte White

ORB / Oil Rubbed Bronze

Please Note: Finishes shown on this page are a computer screen representation of the actual finishes we offer. Due to the varying quality of monitors (pixels, size, etc.) there is a slight variation between the website samples shown here and how they appear on the actual product.

Different manufacturers often use the same names for finishes that can vary from company to company. We have a listing that matches finishes from other companies so you can find the right one to blend with your current decor. As some manufacturers use different plating facilities, an exact match can be difficult to find and there is no guarantee of consistency even from the same company. However, because Mountain Plumbing Products uses only one exclusive plating facility for their finishes, our finishes will not vary.