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Mountain Plumbing Products is proud to offer the finest finish plumbing parts that provide the ultimate finishing touch to your bathroom and kitchen projects. Offered in a wide range of finishes to complement all styles, Mountain Plumbing Products bring the final functional elegance to your fixtures. Explore the product categories below to find parts to supply water to, dispense, remove water from, and add functionality to your fixtures and complement your project.

Perfect Grind® Waste Disposers

Browse and compare all disposer models and accompanying accessory products to complete your kitchen sink area.

Sink Strainers & Disposer Trims

Choose between sink strainers, disposer trims, universal flanges, or a combination to complete your kitchen or bar/prep sink.

Filters, Faucets, & Water Appliances

Find water appliances that heat, cool, and filter your water supply as well as the accompanying decorative accessory faucets.

Shower Heads & Arms

Ultra slim, less than 3mm, minimalistic showerheads can be paired with the quality array of shower arms that allows you to rejuvenate your style.

Shower Drains & Grids

Remove water from your shower stall in style with Mountain Plumbing shower drain grids, bodies, and complete kits.


View decorative angle, straight, and sweat valves as well as complete lavatory  & toilet supply kits in multiple handle choices.

Lavatory Supply Kits & Parts

Complement your beautiful lavatory with supply kits available with or without traps – the ultimate in functional elegance.

Decorative Lavatory Drains

Explore Mountain Plumbing’s EZ-Click™ Drain system as well as a variety of grids, parts, and spacers.

Decorative Lavatory Traps

Remove water from your lavatory sink in elegant style with Mountain Plumbing’s bottle traps, P-Traps, and complete kits.

Toilet Supply Kits & Parts

Supply water to your toilet with complete kits available in multiple valve handle options as well as coming with all component parts.

Toilet Tank Levers

Enhance your Kohler, TOTO, Icera, or AXENT toilet with beautiful tank levers in a multitude of finish options.

Bath Waste & Overflows

View all the different types of bath waste & overflows including cable-operated, standard, freestanding, as well as bathtub trims and drains.


Put the finishing touch to your project with a full complement of bathroom & kitchen accessories.


Mountain Plumbing offers individual parts & pieces for our line of products including faucet components, kitchen sink parts, disposer parts, and filter cartridges.