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When designing a bathroom or kitchen, usually you begin with the fixtures. First, you decide on and spec out the finished plumbing items that will be included in the project. Then you must find the parts to actually install all those items. When it comes time to add the finishing functionality to those fixtures, choose the utmost elegance by using Mountain Plumbing Products’ “Browse by Fixture” section to select the perfect product. Find all of the decorative parts you need to put the finishing touch on your fixtures with style and enhanced functionality.


Bathtubs need a bath waste & overflow to remove water & protect from water overflow. View all bath waste & overflows for all bathtub styles.

Bath/Lavatory Sinks

View all products and kits you’ll need to functionally and elegantly supply & remove water from your bathroom sink.

Pedestals and Consoles

Complement your beautiful pedestal or console with equally elegant finished parts to supply, dispense, & remove water.


Your new commode needs to be supplied with water & then be able to remove it upon flushing without leaking. View supply kits, tank levers, & wax rings.


The luxury of a bidet demands the finest finished parts. View supply kits & everything else required to supply a bidet, adding the finishing touch.

Shower Stalls

Select the drain, grid, and shower accessories to put the perfect finishing touch on your new shower stall with functional elegance.

Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sink needs to supply water and be able to remove it from the basin. Add to the sink’s functionality with disposers and counter accessories.

Bar/Prep Sinks

Bar and prep areas require a water supply and the ability to remove water while straining out anything that could potentially clog your drain pipes.