About Mountain Plumbing Products

Mountain Plumbing Products, founded in 1997, is a leading manufacturer of High-Performance Water Appliances “made better by design”. The company is located in a 50,000 square-foot facility in Dallas, Texas. We offer same day shipping of our market-leading assortment of Plumbing Accessories, Water Filters, Waste Disposers, Instant Hot Water Tanks, and Water Chillers. Featured this year is the Francis Anthony Collection – Tailored Proportion Gourmet Faucets. The hallmark of Mountain Plumbing’s success is combining quality with innovative products that add beauty and value to your home.

Actively participating in organizations within the plumbing and decorative hardware industry, we keep our finger on the pulse of every new development. Our commitment to assist in educating both the industry and consumer is important to us at every step. We believe in listening to the valuable input of our customer as today’s changing global culture never stops. For the ultimate in form and function, Mountain Plumbing Products is a leader in the plumbing industry.
Mountain Plumbing Products is a division of McAlpine and Company, Ltd., a well known and respected leader in high quality plumbing products celebrating over 100 years in business.

McAlpine and Company, Ltd. began manufacturing plumbing products in 1902. In 1957 they became the first United Kingdom company to manufacture Plastic Traps, setting a precedent as an industry leader. The company now manufactures an exceptionally wide range of products of the highest quality for use in the United Kingdom and other world markets. As market leaders, McAlpine has a reputation for producing innovative products determined by market conditions and customer demand. Additionally, as Members of the British Standards Institution and the British Plastics Federation and Associate Members of the Institute of Plumbing, they are actively involved in the promotion of quality products.

Father to the current principal of McAlpine and adding to the rich Scottish culture from which it stems, is famous football player (soccer here in the US) James Barbour McAlpine. James was an incredible football player who was both the highest scorer and led in number of appearances for over 75 years at Queen’s Park in Glasgow, Scotland. Nicknamed “Mutt”, the incredibly talented McAlpine will forever be a part of the game as one of Queen’s finest players. He adds significantly to the club’s heritage, a tradition to be passed down for years to come. “Mutt” McAlpine’s fortitude and passion created a legacy that his son continues as principal of McAlpine Company, Ltd. Today his family strives to always be the best, make the finest products, and work as a team to bring quality to their customers.

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