Easily Convert Your Shower into a Spa-like Experience with the Rain Rail Plus

Did you know that you can upgrade your shower without tearing into the wall?

The Rain Rail Plus is designed to make your bathroom remodel simple and effortless by avoiding unnecessary alterations to the tile, the plumbing behind the wall, or changing out the valve.

Simply mount the Rain Rail Plus to the existing showerhead outlet, and now your shower has been transformed into a customized dual outlet showering experience equipped with a Rain Head and Hand Shower.

The Rain Rail Plus’ adjustable slide rail bracket allows for easy height and angle adjustment to your hand shower. Toggling between rain head and hand shower functions is made easy with the diverter being located at the base of the rail.

Rain Rail Plus Product Features Include:

  • 3 Function Design (shower, handshower, or both on at the same time)
  • Top water inlet to retrofit current shower setup
  • Bottom diverter to switch from Showerhead to Handshower
  • Brass Construction
  • Swing Spout
  • Mounting Hardware Included

Available in two sizes with the option of being CA Prop 65 compliant.

  • Standard Version — 33 1/8″ High x 16 1/2″ Deep — MTRRP & MTRRP-CA
  • Short Version — 26 1/8″ High x 16 1/2″ Deep — MTRRP-2 & MTRRP-2CA

Re-Vive™ Shower Collection for Bathroom Spaces

Revitalize Your Entire Shower


Mountain Plumbing’s Re-Vive™ Shower Collection allows you to revitalize your shower, the soul of your bathroom. Use the Rain Rail Plus as a starting point and then pair with multiple rain shower head and handshower options. And of course, choose from multiple decorative metal finish options to match all your fixtures!

Round Rain Shower Heads

Ultra slim, less than 3mm seamless stainless steel construction shower heads with 60 to 198 clog free nozzles.

Square Rain Shower Heads

Ultra slim, less than 3mm seamless stainless steel construction shower heads with 64 to 196 clog free nozzles.

Shower Drains

The Select Series are a decorative, high quality shower drain with two grid designs to go along with a tile-in option.

Hand Showers

Enhance experiences with Multi-Function Hand Showers featuring three functions: spray, mist, or both.