STEALTH Series Waste Disposers

Perfect Grind® STEALTH 580 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 5/8 HP

Perfect Grind® STEALTH 750 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 3/4 HP

Perfect Grind® STEALTH 1250 Waste Disposer – Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1-1/4 HP

Designed to fit in areas where space is limited, this compact unit is ideal for all kitchens. But don’t let its size fool you, this disposer packs a real punch! Under the hood you’ll find an impressive high RPM permanent magnet motor that reaches full torque faster for finer grinding and less energy consumption.

New to the Perfect Grind® line of waste disposers is the smaller and sleeker STEALTH Series. The 3 models of STEALTH Disposers are available in 5/8, 3/4, and 1-1/4 horsepower. Typical waste disposers containing these larger denominations of horsepower have traditionally been housed in a large, bulky shell which absorbs a significant amount of undersink space. However, the STEALTH Disposers have been designed to be more than 40% less in size than the competition. Homeowners can now reclaim that space underneath their kitchen sink! And of course, all the STEALTH Disposers are backed by Mountain Plumbing’s Lifetime Warranty.

Please CONTACT US today to learn more about stocking the Perfect Grind® STEALTH waste disposers in your showroom and make sure you can offer one with every new kitchen sink that is ordered!

Introducing the Space-Saving “STEALTH” Series

As Mountain Plumbing continues to find ways to meet the needs of our customers, we are proud to introduce the new STEALTH Series of Waste Disposers. These products offer the same high-performance features with a more compact design to save space under the kitchen sink.

STEALTH Series Features Include:

  • 5/8 HP, 3/4 HP, and 1-1/4 HP permanent magnet high RPM means high torque and better performance
  • No name stamped into the rim of the flange, creating a smooth, clean look
  • Stellar antimicrobial technology for odor protection
  • Anti-Jam Technology means no extra tool is required, it is self sufficient
  • Safe for your septic system
  • Every unit comes with a LIFETIME Manufacturer Warranty

Maximize Under Sink Storage with Included STEALTHTRAP

Mountain Plumbing wants to make sure customers maximize their space savings under the kitchen sink so every STEALTH Disposer model includes a complimentary STEALTHTRAP. This product directs the plumbing to that back of the cabinet when orientating the disposer discharge tube properly. The kit includes everything needed to hook up a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sink and then connect to a garbage disposer.

STEALTH vs. Leading Competitor

Your food waste disposer (also known as a garbage disposal) is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen, but something you don’t often think about. A waste disposer is installed onto a kitchen sink to provide for easy clean-up and convenience when preparing food or cleaning up after meals.

You expect high performance and hassle-free removal of these scraps by your waste disposer and probably think “they are all made the same”. However this is not the case, and selecting a top of the line food waste disposer product is one of the best decisions you can make when designing your kitchen space.

Please click below to download our informational sheet comparing the STEALTH Waste Disposer to a leading competitor in the industry. Discover the multiple features that outperform the competition and come with Lifetime Manufacturer Warranties!

Size Does Matter…Under The Sink

The Perfect Grind® STEALTH Series has more power and torque with a 41% smaller footprint under the sink compared to the leading competition. Each model only measures 5-5/16″ wide with a height between 12-1/8″ and 14-5/8″.

Storage space is at a premium in the kitchen and Mountain Plumbing had this in mind when designing the STEALTH. Can you imagine the benefits of saving that much space by just installing a different waste disposer?


By orienting the disposer discharge tube toward the back of the cabinet and using a STEALTHTRAP, customers can save vital storage space under the kitchen sink. View the gallery of installed images to see the effect this has on the available under sink space.

To learn more about this complimentary product, you can also view the STEALTHRAP installation information page by clicking the button below.

MTSINK Installation Packages

Mountain Plumbing is introducing new MTSINK Installation Packages that pair the STEALTH Disposers with air switches and sink strainers. Choose from standard or deluxe air switches along with regular or extended flange disposer trims. These packages are available in both single bowl and double bowl configurations.

There are 8 total packages available and you can choose from 12 of our most popular finishes. And the best part…each package represents a 10% savings compared to purchasing items separately!

Ask How Your Perfect Grind® STEALTH Waste Disposer Can Be an Essential Part of a…

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Step beyond the basics by delivering fresh, purely filtered water for drinking and cooking.


Add to your cooking toolkit with instant hot water delivered directly to an accessory faucet.

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