NEW Video Resources – Product Slideshow, STEALTH Disposers, & TDS Installation (in Spanish)

Mountain Plumbing Introduces New Video Resources

As we continue to showcase our products and provide resources to help educate customers, Mountain Plumbing is excited to share our newest video assets. These newly released videos focus on what sets us apart from the competition and the innovative solutions that are possible with our product line. Hopefully these become valuable sales tools for our showroom partners as they talk to homeowners and plumbing contractors about Mountain Plumbing.

In our first video, you will see a collection of our best selling products as a sampling of how Mountain Plumbing helps to make “your design, finished.” The second video features our brand new STEALTH Disposers that have been designed to outperform the competition while also being more than 40% smaller in size. Our third and final video is a Spanish version of the Tub Docking Station installation instructions so we can make sure to properly explain the benefits of this product to all of our audience.

Mountain Plumbing Products – Introductory Slideshow

Mountain Plumbing invites you to watch a slideshow of some of our best selling products. We feature innovative solutions for both the kitchen and bath that help to make “your design, finished.” Get a preview of our STEALTH Disposers, Kitchen Sink Suites, Tub Docking Station, Rain Rail Plus, and much more. And the best part… we have 30 decorative metal finishes to match your design. Please enjoy watching our introductory slide show and visit our website to learn more!

Introducing the STEALTH Disposers – High-Performance with a Revolutionary Space Saving Design

New to Mountain Plumbing’s Perfect Grind® line of waste disposers is the smaller and sleeker STEALTH Series. We have changed the game with our revolutionary space saving design of the new STEALTH Waste Disposer. Developed to fit in areas where space is limited, this compact unit is ideal for all kitchens. But don’t let its size fool you, this disposer packs a real punch! Under the hood you’ll find an impressive high RPM permanent magnet motor that reaches full torque faster for finer grinding and less energy consumption.

The 3 models of STEALTH Disposers are available in 5/8, 3/4, and 1-1/4 horsepower. Typical waste disposers containing these larger denominations of horsepower have traditionally been housed in a large, bulky shell which absorbs a significant amount of undersink space. However, the STEALTH Disposers have been designed to be more than 40% less in size than the competition. Homeowners can now reclaim that space underneath their kitchen sink! And of course, all the STEALTH Disposers are backed by Mountain Plumbing’s Lifetime Warranty.

(versión en español) Tub Docking Station Freestanding Bathtub Drain Rough-In – Installation Video

Este video esta en español.

Este video contiene subtítulos en español.

Bienvenidos a nuestros videos en español para la instalación del Tub Docking Station.

Welcome to the Mountain Plumbing Products installation video for the “Tub Docking Station” freestanding bathtub drain rough-in. This product has been developed as the ultimate solution to quickly and easily install freestanding bathtubs. It comes with an EZ-Click™ drain for tubs with integral overflow. The asymmetrical metal deck flange provides easier installation in tight spaces while the removable drain stopper allows for easier cleaning.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly so that we can better assist you.